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About Us

We are an authorized retailer of men's, ladies', and children's clothing, and currently handle:

  • Esprit
  • Fox
  • Lime Apple
  • Mexx
  • Point Zero
  • Tommy Hilfiger
  • Yogini

  • Skate Services

    We are proud to offer quality, friendly service and advice to our customers. Our goal is to treat all of our customers the way we would want to be treated. We strive to get to know each skater in order to assist them in choosing a skate that suits their needs and budgets, while ensuring proper fit, comfort and blade alignment.

    The following is a list of our services, many of which are free with the purchase of your skates:

    • Custom fitting by a trained technician
    • Blade mounting and alignment
    • Boot punching
    • Boot Squaring
    • Heat molding
    • Skate sharpening
    • Skate Boot Sole protection
    • Fax fitting (We fit you based on information provided by you and a tracing of your foot that is faxed to us.)
    • Mail Orders
    • Foot Molding (for custom made skates)

    Apparel Services

    We also offer the following apparel services:

    • Custom made skating dresses
    • Alterations and repairs
    • Team or small group costuming
    • Fabric samples
    • Mail order fabric, patterns, notions ...and sew on!

    Have a question regarding any of our services? Give us a call and we'll answer them for you.

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